Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


Being able to vote and then vote for something else ruins the point of voting.


I’d disagree. A “living” vote can be more precise in finding the peoples choice than being forced to stick to a choice from the beginning.



With Single Transferable Vote, you only get one vote, but if the thing you voted for (your number one of all the choices) does not win, your vote will be transferred to your number two. When going through the process, like in this video, it makes more sense as a voting system as it allows the fairest representation from the perspective of each individual voter’s interests


Come on! I wanna go on a zombie-related genocide! :C


Seems like this vote won’t end until Accelerate loses because they probably done the least amount of work on it because it was the least played gamemode. what’s the point in such a long vote?


They already have some base assets and stuff done for showing it off in the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaign. The thing is, Mac said something about redesigning it iirc. So they might have to redo the stuff from scratch.


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That wouldn’t be very fair would it?


Theoretically they don’t need to wait until the end of the poll.

PixelTail can choose any gamemode they want, they don’t have to pick the poll winner. They said that we could help them decide. :wink:

I think this poll was more for them to determine what game(s) have the most demand.


This is exactly what he has said before. They most likely already have a rough plan on which game worlds are being developed first. This poll just helps them determine which ones are most wanted.


yeah Mac said the exact same thing in the public Discord.


Looks like the winner is accelerate




If you are complaing about seeing the streams you can watch the broadcast later on twitch.


I am hyped to see accelerate and panic at horror hill


The next game world should be Meme Mansion


Mem Mansion*

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A bit bummed theres no chance for Zombie Massacre or SDNL on this list. Maybe next poll one of them’ll be runner up.