Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


We’re trying to figure out what the next Game World should be after the Casino update.

And guess what, we’re gonna let you help us decide! Vote now!

  • Accelerate
  • Panic At Horror Hill
  • Little Crusaders
  • Slaughterday Night Live
  • Zombie Massacre

0 voters

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What gameworld (after Little Crusaders) should be next? (UNOFFICIAL)
Stream For 5/13 (Today) Cancelled, Small Update On Development

Mann, I reallly want SDNL or ZM. They would be so much fun. Not too interested in Little Crusaders.


Not interested in Little Crusaders either. I voted for Accelerate as it sounds very interesting as a concept!


I would rather have Accelerate over Little Crusaders for the time being, there’s a lot more they can do with it now


True… Imagine all the custom track one could create!


HOLY SHAT! PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THEIR ACCELERATE! I want accelerate or slaughterday night live because they are probably the easiest to make


Although I am surprised that SDNL is last place here.


I thought it would be nice to give a reminder to what these games were described to be when the indiegogo was running:

[details=Indiegogo game concepts]

https://res.cloudinary.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/c_limit,w_620/v1436693632/rudpelhvt1knfhxalm1i.png [/details]


accelerate would be extremely tedious

it’s not a new concept either it’s essentially sourcekarts

please vote for little crusaders he’ll save tower unite


Damn, quite the demand on Accelerate and Little Crusaders!


I guess accelerate would be good because it’s simplest to make and they already have some map development and gameplay.


Little crusaders sounds like it’ll be lots of fun.


I believe the maps they had (like what was in the early development streams) was scrapped along with the old gameplay. They’d probably redo it, since it mostly existed purely for the Kickstarter/IGG trailer.


Zombie massacre


The problem I see with having Accelerate this early in the game is that it will get repetitive after the maps have been played multiple times, since its just race from start to finish on the same track every time. GMT could get away with it since there were 5 or 6 other gamemodes available at the time.

A gamemode like Little Crusaders I would think is a much better option since the game is almost always different depending on how players go about the levels trying to get the dragon and how the dragon plays and keeps people more interested.


Not true, there are power ups so you never know what can happen


I don’t really think you can solely rely on powerups for replay value.


Little crusaders guys please! Cant wait to see where they take chimera hunt. This game mode was the shit and this gamemode makes the game worth all the 15$ alone. I hope the cartoony graphics are still used in the game mode. Come on guys this game will be dope.


Yo I’m ready to be a race boy :new_moon_with_face: :blue_car:


What he said. Little crusaders is the shit come on guys