Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


Tower Unite is not copying GMT. So much is different, has changed, and will change. Source Karts is not a proper reflection of what Accelerate will/could be. Even the quickly thrown-together demo of Accelerate used to show the game off during the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo (Here) is drastically different.
You have no idea what the devs are going to do for these gamemodes. We might have a good base idea/a couple of clues, but the devs can really go anywhere with a cart racer. GMT also had a sort of nice feel to it, with enough differences to make it enjoyable from it’s own merit. But it’s certainly worth giving Accelerate a shot to see what could happen.


I just want a racing gamemode, that’s all… and if it has power ups and great maps… even better


Well, looks like Accelerate is going to win at this rate.

I just hope the drifting feels good, unlike Source Karts.
Though, since they aren’t forced on a dated engine, I’m sure it will turn out fine.


Wasn’t expecting ZM to be so low but will say I’m fine with Accelerate should be fun to play between sets of mini golf and other games.





In my opinion, Source karts as far as I saw it in the trailer looks stable and has assets and should be released first. But something like Little Crusaders that they have to make ALL the models and animations.


Oh well, I voted for “Panic at Horror Hill”.

I don’t know… I like the idea of a “horror” Game World more than karts or dragons. :stuck_out_tongue:
It feels more “entertaining” for me, more unexpectable! (and I don’t play horrors xP)


People doesn’t Like the new ones because, you know… Planet Panic.


Would’ve been my second choice, if two votes were available.
I’d like to see a completely new game mode relatively soon.


I’m looking forward to little crusaders and panic at horror hill, maybe even slaughter-day and zombie massacre as well. I’ve been waiting for little crusaders since i heard about it. I loved UCH and it’s also the reason i met my boyfriend thur, thanks for making tower mac. :slight_smile:


So when does the poll end?


UCH was a really solid gamemode even for me when I was constantly dieing in the first 30 seconds, it is a nice quick and fresh minigame. However, I am voting for accelerate because back then I loved SourceKarts so much, everything that moves on 4 wheels gives me joy, no idea what so ever. Also, I am worried that the Peer 2 Peer system for LC can be frustrating at times and can ruin the first experience and thoughts for new players and so on. The same goes to SourceKarts

(also rip Rave Map, I was so excited for it)


We could always make an alternative to that map.


We need a preferential voting system
discourse team pls make this




I feel really guilty but I have abandoned team SDNL for the greater good. I don’t really want LC so I switched to Accelerate for now. Next poll I’ll be going SDNL.



Its cool man. I’m down for whatever comes out.


So how long is this vote for? just say Accelerate has won already.


I voted for sdnl but it looks like that has no chance.

I’ll be very happy with accelerate in the mean time. I felt pike one of the only people who wanted to play sourcekarts and hope they keep the mariokart-esque gameplay.


Yeah, I’d say it’s fair to call it. 40% is good enough. Hopefully Little Crusaders wont be very far behind it. :slight_smile: