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As long as Accelerate has some fun mechanics, I’m good. It doesn’t have to be some huge overblown Mario Kart clone, just as long as it’s a good kart racer.




My thoughts exactly. Every time I would play source karts it would turn into either A) I get into first place and nobody else would compete, or B) Me and someone else are fighting for first. It felt like players who weren’t as good stood almost no chance.

I did like being rewarded for being able to drift well and get the bonus boost around corners though. There was nothing more satisfying than drifting the entire tunnel on the second track. (The one with the hill that goes up 45 degrees and turns back)

My point is, it’s important the gamemode feels competitive. Nobody likes to be put in a situation where winning feels hopeless. Don’t be afraid to put in some skill tricks too though! :smile:


I need controls that feel good. That’s the most important thing IMHO.


so much yes, i am PUMPED for Accelerate!


My ideas for accelerate where maybe if you could make it in a way where it felt like you were driving an actual car/go-kart, but it’s casual enough for all to enjoy. I don’t want it feel 100% arcade like, but in a way similar to how GTA games make their car physics; It feels like an actual car with mass and reasonable speed and acceleration, but it isnt a hardcore racing simulator and is casual enough for anyone to enjoy racing down the street in with ease, even if not knowing how to drive IRL.


Go-karts are actually pretty easy to drive, so emulating that feel might actually be exactly what you’re looking for


I’m actually pretty surprised at how many people want Accelerate! I thought that Little Crusaders would be the most chosen!


Actually, IRL I race go-karts (because why not?) and I have a blueprinted racing go-kart, they’re actually kinda tricky unless everything is perfect, like for example, on an indoor kart track. I’m assuming that the Accelerate tracks are going to be different outdoor tracks, so It would be perfect if it did that but had the same physics of a go-kart being indoors. Realistic, but simple.


“Live from Tower Unite, it’s Slaughterday Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!”
[Unfitting music plays]]


You mean this song? :bee: :bee: :bee:


What about PVP Battle? :confounded:


Pvp battle is goma return in tower unite, but pvp battle in TU will be called “Slaughterday Night Live”


To add on to @TJEntertainmentYT, I believe the devs want to make SDNL more Quake-like, with weapon pickups rather than a loadout system. Other than that, it’s still meant to bring the same good old fashioned arena shooter mayhem PVP Battle brought.


One way or the other, it’s coming eventually. And I’m super hyped for it!


how do I vote? it wont let me


The vote has ended. Accelerate had the most votes but they are doing Little Crusaders first.


Wait, really?