Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


Source Karts didn’t have any banana peel powerup though.
or did it? i don’t remember.


It did


Because animations and character design takes a lot longer than everything else that was currently on our plate.

I will put some information:

  • UCH was the second most played gamemode in GMT.
  • SK was the least most played gamemode in GMT.


Would have preferred ZM as it was my most played gamemode but since it’s between LC and Accelerate i have to pick Accelerate because UCH was so boring to me.


Mario Kart had 32 tracks at launch.


We are also not Nintendo. While I don’t doubt our team’s incredible skills, it’ll be really hard to meet or surpass the standards of Mario Kart.


Source Karts was always pretty buggy and the controls didn’t feel that nice. But the idea of a Mario kart ish game for the tower still is the best of all the game modes!

So I’m really looking forward to see what you guys can do with this new engine!

My top 3:
1 - Accelerate
2 - Zombie Massacre
3 - Little Crusaders


I guess I don’t get where people are getting the impression that Accelerate will be Mario Kart. It won’t be.


I definitely like Little Crusaders more than Accelerate BUT since the game is in early access and producing small things at new fans so they know what Tower Unite is all about is a good thing. I think after giving everyone the new maps and Accelerate it will stall fans so they can work on a much bigger project, Little Crusaders (Accelerate wont take as long at still will be fun.) I didn’t play Source Karts a lot back when GMT was around because there was only one map, no body really played it and it was very buggy and all around not the best game world but with the new engine I think they can make it amazing!!! :smiley:

Since it was called Source Carts back in GMT it should be called Unreal Carts in TU!!!


It was kind of a shame that SK was given so little attention, it was one of the gamemodes that was worked on the most, which was put the most effort in (with ZM). People would’ve rather played Virus or UCH which didn’t take so much energy to make.


Yeh. Also on top of that my friends didn’t like it so when they were on gmt with me they would never play it. It bugged out every time and they didn’t like how there was just one map.


There were two maps actually, which was that Island one, but it got removed due to being bugged to an unplayable state, so it was removed for fixing. Thing is just that it never got fixed.


Oh. Well that sucks :confused:


And im just like “Zombie Massacre pls”


I’m actually pissed that accelerate Is in the lead. Come on little crusaders


I approve this! Unreal Karts sound great. Still doesn’t matter, Accelerate/Unreal Karts FTW. :grin:


I just want a race game to shout at my friends for being better at me


Has to be Accelerate for me loved Source Karts on GMT.


Really? REALLY? Maybe it’s because it’s the follow up to Source Karts, which had:
-A bunch of items that directly correlated to Mario Kart items
-The only playable map had a copy of Mario Raceway
-Drift boosts
-Starting boost that depended on pressing gas with the countdown at a specific time
-A battle mode where players have 3 hits

I mean, is it really shocking that people are expecting this mode to follow SK’s footsteps? If you’re saying Accelerate will be nothing like Source Karts (especially in the handling department), then it easily has my vote to be the next game world.


I had no idea you had to hit the Chimera from behind. I knew there was a way to defeat it but I could never work out how, as there wasn’t enough feedback from the game to let me pick up on that mechanic or to let me know that what I was doing was having any effect. Regardless, I still found it boring and tedious.