Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


I think the devs should work on Little Crusaders for most of the time but when they get board or aren’t busy with it they should work on accelerate.


Oh, it sure was!


I really want Little Crusaders :disappointed_relieved:


Same here brother, same here. #LittleCrusadersOrRiot


I have zero interest in Little Crusaders. Ultimate Chimera Hunt was confusing, boring, and tedious for me, and so I have zero interest in seeing its successor. If that’s the next thing, then it’ll basically be like having no gamemode progress at all still for the time LC takes, at least for me (though I do acknowledge that for others, getting MY preferred choice next up would be like the same thing).

I like Accelerate because I actually really liked Source Karts (you know, when I wasn’t losing), and it would be so great to see a fleshed-out karting game from Pixeltail. Also, I’m secretly hoping agianst hope we’ll still eventually get customisable Accelerate karts, even though I know we didn’t hit that stretch goal or we voted for something else or something (I will give you an extra £15 if I have to just please give us customisable karts). I also do think it just has a wider appeal to the playerbase in general than LC will (remember, these polls reflect everyone who bothers to vote, not even everyone on the forums, or everyone who plays the game), although I will admit I have no hard evidence that this is actually the case. However, if Accelerate has a wider appeal like I think it does, then we’ll potentially satisfy a few more people by picking it next for development than we would with LC.



Honestly, I prefer Accelerate. Little Crusaders(UCH) was funny but it is not in my favorite.
Even I prefer Slaughter day night live


ohhh Its neck and neck

Accelerate Vs LC

Lets go


With the top two being neck and neck between Accelerate and Little Crusaders, I’ll just argue between the two.

I feel that with the current gamemodes developed, Accelerate would be the better of the two to develop next. Currently, we have two gamemodes that are every man for themselves in semi-competition, one gamemode with all against one infection, and one gamemode of team versus team. The two leading gamemodes in this poll are all against all in direct competition and all against one period.

To keep interest high, I think that the best course is to increase the diversity of gameplay and gameplay experience as much as possible, and I think Accelerate would increase that diversity the most - again, limiting myself to the two top options.


Definitely an Accelerate Vs Little Crusaders battle up in here. I’m for Little Crusaders. I miss pushing the button and need my fix.

Wait, you found UCH confusing? That is pretty much the opposite of UCH. What were you having trouble understanding? One person gets picked at random to be the Chimera, which tries to eat everyone else. If you’re not the Chimera, your goal is to juke the Chimera and poke it in the butt. It was unbelievably simple, fast paced, and exciting.


Woah, didn’t expect so many other people to vote for accelerate.


If we’re going to finish all of these gamemodes at some point we should pick crusaders over accelerate
uch has a massive following and was if I’m correct the most popular game in gmt

no one played sourcekarts

Granted sourcekarts had a lot of issues mostly due to the source engine, but uch constantly had a game going and never got old or repetitive since each game can be so different

we should focus first on the one that will guarantee the most players


A lot of people liked uch yeah. But the fact that “there was always a game running” (there wasn’t) doesn’t show how much people didn’t like uch. Also, accelerated can be so much better in the new engine and has a lot of potential. The poll will show what people want most, not how much it was played in gmt.


Basically what @DominateEye said. I prefer Accelerate because UCH was boring and tedious for me, I only really played it for the milestones, and after that I was pretty much done with it.


my head hurts


obviously there wasn’t a game constantly and always running, but it was absolutely the most played gamemode out of all of gmod tower, and you can’t deny that I don’t see how so many people would play it if the majority apparently don’t like it.

and I can assume accelerate is going to be better on the new engine, and I want and expect it will be, but it’s very clear with the games we have right now that’s its on par with its source counterpart. Ballrace and virus are near unplayable with 200+ ping (which you will have most of the time) and that will only be worse with an extremely fast-paced racing game, which was one of the same problems source karts suffered from with gmod tower.

Also, uch will be so much better in the new engine, too, so the issues people have with uch may not be in crusaders.

It’ll get much better once later releases come out, but UCH was a gamemode that worked very well in gmod and will be guaranteed to be played more than our current gamemodes (which have gotten very repetitive lately) and suffers from less the same issues as accelerate would. UCH is going to be even better on the new engine, so you would probably get more enjoyment out of it.

i personally would play either, of course, we all win in the end, but i would get a lot more playtime out of little crusaders as a whole, since the game is practically different each time, rather than accelerate. both will get made eventually, so it makes sense to start with the one people are guaranteed to play most, rather than end up with another planet panic


Currently, I miss UCH the most from GMT’s gamemodes, so Little Crusaders has my personal vote. I never got the chance to get particularly good at it, so now’s my time. i’d be fine with Accelerate too, though. can’t really go wrong with karting.


Elaborate please.

If it was the most played game, why didn’t they include it at launch? I’m pretty sure minigolf was the most played game.

It makes sense to start with what the people want most (what the vote tells)


Wow, Accelerate and Little Crusaders are at a real tie right here. Everytime I check the results, it’s always a different gamemode in the lead.


Have you played Mario Kart?