Poll: October 2020 Priority Survey [closed]


RESULTS: October 2020 Priority Survey Results

Hey all,

It’s time for another survey! Since Arcade has been released, this survey is all about prioritizing the order of upcoming updates. While we have our own internal goals and direction we want to take the game next, we always love to hear from you!

Just like previous polls, we’re using Google forms.


Horror Hill sounds awesome. It’d be great to see a ghost hunting style game be added, especially given the recent popularity with Phasmophobia


God I’d do anything for SDNL


Personally I would love to see the Casino expanded on. Plinko, Roulette, Pachinko, Craps, etc.
Some more interesting/unique slots would also be nice. Maybe something co-op? The Quest slots would work well in that regard, maybe have it be based on your group/party.


Amen, that or Dueling. Give me some direct FPS PvP action!

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why can’t I vote for both SDNL and horror hill I want them both


100% exactly how I feel right now, both of them sound so good!!! There’s so much that’s needed to be expanded upon with the other gamemodes in the plaza

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It’s meant to be prioritization, so whichever you want more since they can’t work on them both at the same time, they both do sound great though

I hope my long responses aren’t a bad thing :sweat_smile:

I decided to go against all that I stand for and vote for Horror Hill, because I’m interested in something new and I find myself enjoying co-op games way more than PvP these days. I still put Dueling at a 5 because it (along with PvP) were insanely fun back in GMT, so really no matter what the next game mode we get is I’ll be happy.

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I NEED SDNL PVP Battle was my favorite gmt gamemode and i love its inspiration even more

that double EXP/Ticket on weekends truly peaked my interests and would fix the grind (atleast for me)


Is Horror Hill supposed to give me Luigi’s Mansion vibes? 'Cause I’m down for that.


please let me succ zombies with a vacuum

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lol casino expansion is gonna be the best.

SDNL, Casino Expansion, bring it babes

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Honestly I really think their main focus should definitely be to work on gameworlds first. In my opinion, it’s a tad bit insane that we’re NOW just getting accelerate, even though it was the first advertised gameworld in their kickstarter all those years ago.

SDNL, Arcade will all features and Nightclub. A man can dream.

Omg, is PVP gonna be finally back? Pleasee all i want is the old 2015 PVP

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my competitive gamer brain lusts for violence