Poll: May 2020 [closed]

Hey all,

It’s time for another survey!

Just like last year’s survey, we’re using Google forms.

Thank you for your survey submissions and your feedback! It’s greatly appreciated.

We’ll be running this survey until May 11th!


yesss third

Aw nice!

Forgot to make a small comment in the extra bit for feedback. Advertise your patreon, ko-fi, and merch IN GAME. So many people are playing and not in discord or on the forums. If someone makes a fuss it’s not like you’re selling them something bad, it’s their choice they already got the game. Get the good word out!!


just make sure not to advertise it too aggressively.


Oh of course not! I just know there’s lots of people who aren’t aware and when they find out via word of mouth they’re all about the idea. Just a few casual adverts, and of course there are going to be those who make a big deal and call it “micro transactions” despite it just being a way to help ends meet.

And while I’m on my rant (directed at no one in particular) I just wanna air out the thought that I think those who think it’s some kind of scam or cash grab are really failing to realize that unless they’ve sold a SUPER CRAZY amount of copies of the game for only $15 a pop (plus Indiegogo money) that after X amount of time they’ll run out of funds because even if you bought the game from day 1 and still play to this day that doesn’t add to their funds. Most indie companies get a big break, bought out, or have to hope that sales, dlc, or micro transactions can keep them alive.
Nobody complained about backers in GMT, nobody should complain about optional funding in Tower Unite. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Namaste. :pray:


Pretty sure they aren’t allowed to advertise Patreon ingame but don’t quote me on that.

Whoops, on further inspecting you are totally right about that.
BUT, all the other gump I said about the negativity towards the Patreon and Ko-fi still stands!

i have don it



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