Player Emote System




The ability to play certain animations like sit (on ground), lay, wave, etc.


[ul][li]Create an emote system that handles stationary emotes[/li][li]Create UI for accessing the emotes[/li][li]Emote animations (list to be expanded upon later)[/li][li]Support emote animations for workshop models[/li][/ul]

Some suggestions

Please have this come out soon


oh yes


I can’t wait to be twerked on by a skeleton.


please let me sit or lay down on my bed its driving me crazy


this is a must have.


[ul][li]A new checklist named “Todo” has been added to the card.[/li][/ul]


I can’t wait to see what the dancing looks like


[ul][li]“Create an emote system that handles stationary emotes” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Will we have to buy them or will they be available to everybody? If they were purchasable where would they be sold?


In Gmod Tower everyone had emotes so I doubt it


Everyone might have bought them, I mean you don’t have a reason to not buy them!


You didn’t buy emotes. All emotes were free and useable to everybody,new or old


Shouldn’t they be sold though? It would be better if they were purchasable rather than free for everyone in my opionion.


I don’t see a reason for emotes to be something you have to buy if you’re not Valve and trying to build an economy around a dozen emotes per game on your well filled distribution platform.


Won’t it make more sense if they were purchasable?


Maybe everyone could start out with a wheel of basic emotes (like the ones from GMod Tower) and then be able to buy other ones for 500-1,000 Units each at the Upgrade shop.


Not really. How does having to pay to express yourself make more sense than just being able to do it by default like every other game with emotes ever. It’s a standard feature of the game and it shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall (of sorts). Should we have to pay to play the gameworlds too? Or pay to access the theater like in the real world? No, of course not. They’re all standard features of the game that everyone has access too.


Just like the accessories are purchased shouldn’t they also be purchased?


I believe there will be more important money sinks than player emotes. I do not see the reason in needing to pay to unlock a few, especially when it limits how new players will experience the social interaction in the game. It doesn’t “just make sense”.