Some suggestions

Hi there! So, I and my friend Metall Hedgehog posted a lot of suggestions on Steam, but we decided to post them here too. Here we go!

Plaza’s map
Hello everyone! I started playing recently and found it hard to find some places in Plaza. For example, I found realter after reading Guide in Steam. So it would be nice to have a map or/and some kind of information stands in the city for new players
Hi again!
So I would like to suggest to create some kind of in-game newspaper, telling players about new features, event, etc. It isn’t necessary but I think it would be a nice thing for such a sweet game^^" Also it would be great if new players get some kind of booklet, which tells about game and its features.
Computer head with emotions
Hello! I just thought about adding emotions to the Computer head (like smiley face, sad face or maybe even cat’s face)
The opportunity to get married
‘Cuz, why not? I think it’s kinda cute and it would be really adorable <:з
Interaction and emotions
Hello again! This would be nice if you add emotions to characters (like smiling, crying, winking, etc.) and ability to interact with other players (like, “High five”, “Hug” or maybe even “Rock-paper- scissors”!)
Exchange and gifts
Hello there! I just thought that this would be nice if you add the exchange of items between players or the opportunity to give gifts

That’s all!

Hey there! Why do you add greetings to every item on this list?

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Hello again!
This has come under fire time and time again. Honestly, after a few walks around the plaza isn’t that big, and you start to remember where stuff is. I do agree with you though, the realtor has always been hard to find. I feel like if he went under where the Upgrades store is going to be, it might be in plain sight to new players and wouldn’t be too hard of a hunt.

I think it would be really creative if the changelog were presented in this fashion, but other than that I don’t see this becoming a heavily used item.

I swear this was suggested before, but I can’t find it for the life of me. I just found it, but it never got its own suggestion thread. Huh. I’m all for this, if it has the same functionality as the jack-o-lanterns :wink:

I’m gonna point you to this thread… it was talked about 2 years ago and it met some harsh criticism.

And this thread.

Hope this answers your suggestion!

Hello to you too!
You’re in luck, this is already planned!

Hi there!
Trading has been a topic of hot debate, still don’t know what the plans are for it. Maybe someone else can shed light on the subject?

Also a note, next time you have suggestions, we prefer to have each suggestion in a seperate thread. We have a vote system, and if people vote for this thread, we don’t know which feature people are voting for :wink:


I remember that the devs are still debating trading. The reason they haven’t fully decided is because, if they do go ahead and add it, that’s a decision they CANNOT reverse. With all the possibilities of exploiting the system to transact real money, it’s certainly not something they’re just going to add with little consideration (if it’s added at all).

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'Cause at first all items were seperate at first:)


While I wouldn’t mind having most of these implemented, I’ve always been against trading (due to the potential scamming, RL money transations, account stealing, economy/progression problems, etc). Parts of me, however, see the value of a such system and want to see it added.

I can’t say the same about a marriage system, however. In my opinion, in-game marriages (in any game) are pretty cringey.


Thanks for your reply!
I’ll take into account that I should write suggestions separately.

I’m not sure about trading and all this stuff too… I mean trading would be great, but all these problems with real money, stealing, etc, are worrying me.

And I actully saw marriages in some MMORPG, so I thought it would be nice. But I kinda agree with you

But can’t they add trading only? I know that all in-game items are kept in the steam inventory, but I thought it was possible to just trade items, not selling them

It’s not whether they’re available through Steam Marketplace, it’s whether they trade hands at all. The transactions I’m talking about are products of gold farming. Someone pays someone else real money to get the items they want, and then the two make an entirely too generous “trade” where the buyer gets his items while giving either nothing or simple filler items (depending on what is needed to circumvent any systems in place) in return. While the items are transferred without any money trading hands from what the game can tell, in the background there’s two people making a business exchange. In some places it’s considered taxable income while in other places it’s outright illegal. Besides that, it simply takes away from the core experience of playing the game and just negatively impacts the economy overall since you can just buy the items you want with real world money. It’s a roundabout way of doing microtransactions (something TU has been adamant to avoid), and the devs wouldn’t be seeing a single cent of it.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to the majority. Most people would trade like normal people would; you give me what I want and I give you what you want. There would be plenty of non-malicious gifting too, like helping a friend get a head start or handing out prizes for some unofficial event you’re hosting. If it weren’t for those looking to circumvent the game by paying to get what they want, I’d certainly be all for trading and I’m sure Pixeltail would be too. These issues must be dealt with carefully, and that includes deciding whether trading should be added or not.


Emotes are coming for sure! We’ll have to see about multiple-player emotes, however. Haven’t heard any mention of anything of the sort.

I believe this was talked about a few times elsewhere, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’ll be added. TU is a social experience above all else, not an online dating app.

Trading is coming via Steam inventory.

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:open_mouth: Where is this???
I need the sauce!

EDIT: Units will not be tradeable, it’s worth noting.


Thanks, that will be useful next time I need to link it :wink:

But mac does say “if”, and that isn’t definite. That means they’re still talking about it internally, and doesn’t mean it’s coming.

Who knows what the future will hold?

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Yeah, they want to be extra careful with trading because once it’s on, it’s on for good. Can’t take people’s steam inventories away from them.

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I gotta be honest I’m dying for emotes. But I understand why they haven’t came sooner.

For one animation is just like damn hard. Especially like 3D animation. It would probably take days or even weeks for the Emote animations to be ready to be put in the game.

And another thing is that it doesn’t really have that much priority compared to new features. Obviously after the animations are done you gotta do implementation there might be a potential exploit or major bug which could emerge from the feature. Also you gotta do the UI for it maybe the networking too.

And all the animation talents could be used else where for, quite frankly more important things such as new weapons, polishing old weapons, NPC animations, locomotion and so on.

Anyway pardon my little Emote tangent I just got a little excited there. This is a really solid suggestion thread. I like it. Well presented and very thought out.


If I remember correctly, someone asked about player emotes in one of the most recent streams and the devs replied saying that they’d like to get them out (relatively) soon. I think that once Wergulz is done making the guns + Zombie Massacre animations, emotes might actually start getting some attention earlier than expected :smiley:

The newspaper and map idea should be added by having some type of info kiosk. A terminal that has a computer that gives basic info about the island, its various games, events, and buildings. If it had an interactive map that you found out that info by hovering or clicking on a location that would be cool.

I actually didn’t know about this way of trading… I hope that some kind of trading will be added. I know that no one can be sure that people would trade like it should be done, but anyways…

Thanks for your response! Hope emotions will be added someday