Player Emote System


Accessories are just that…accessories, not features.


What about having some basic ones for free but rest paid?


I suppose that would be ok.


I could see some being milestone rewards or something but I imagine we’ll get a good amount for free too.


I think this is the best middle-ground. Have a stock set of emotes, but have unlockables as gameworld milestones.


There’s a couple emotes that I would definitely want to be things you unlock. Stuff like swinging a golf club, bowling, fireball attack, maybe even a zombie one for milestone ideas.


Unlockable emotes can have props, and stock ones won’t? (except for a few)

You pay for a hat, logically but, you don’t pay to move your arm, logically


pay to learn dance lessons


… Are talking cosmetics for emojis here? Oh my catsack, that’s a pandora’s box just waiting to be opened…


Or animated emojis be unlockable/purchasable, and standard still images be free…? Hmm


Those aren’t the kind of emotes being discussed here. These emotes are like the types you might use in an mmo (’/wave’ makes your character do a wave animation, etc).


Oh yeah, mustve missed the top thread :sweat_smile:


[ul][li]“Create UI for accessing the emotes” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“Support emote animations for workshop models” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


when will we get our own dabbing thanos


What a time to be alive.


no Fuck


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