Old (Pre-alpha/Alpha) TU Screenshots Archive

Collection of a few screenshots MacDGuy posted in the Discord earlier today:

Note: a good amount are probably also found in:

Kickstarter trailer Accelerate map:

Not Island:

Old Plaza:

Old Stores UI:

Old Canvas UI:

“Private Beta” main menu:


Old Waterhole

Re: mirror water


Trailer golf map:

Old Casino:

Old Bowling:


Do you have any pics of the dining area in Lobby 2 Bowling. I only just remembered it the other day and kinda miss its separated atmosphere from the main bowling area (like the Lounge in the Arcade).

I forgot how crusty the game used to look, it’s crazy how much its grown.


God I remember this stuff, everything looks so much better nowadays. It’s also funny seeing the Kickstarter/IGG maps that were made pretty much solely to be a trailer and were never intended to get shipped, stuff like that always has appeal to me.


That’s actually a misconception, other than the gem path for the indiegogo rewards, all of these maps were made to be released at the time of creation, not just for the trailer. The island minigolf map was meant to be the first minigolf map, but we ended up with Waterhole instead. The other minigolf map shown is the first couple levels of Waterhole, and the single “1” trailer golf map was originally part of Waterhole remake as well. The island map for the accelerate clip turned into Sunrise Isles. We’ve come a long way from then for sure, though.