Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


By noclipping away from the penthouse but above the kill/teleport hitbox you can get the location of

Breakin’The Law

Once in this location you can noclip down under the ground and move back towards the penthouse without being killed.
When in the area where you should be dead but aren’t you can get the location

Probably a Criminal
Also there’s a little “Outside the Boundaries” location but it’s not that secret.


That building out in Highrise is the Tower, and yes I actually no-clipped all the way out here just to find that out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere, but the secret salescat has a new unique model

Any if someone doesn’t get the reference

Resident evil merchant. Also the Traveling merchant from GMT


I remember that episode. Was good times.


This was mentioned quite a few times.


It exists but it is only a backer Item


pretty sure he knows now but he made that reply roughly a year ago…


Aww man, I thought someone found a cool new easter egg and posted it here.


The ticket number on the circular, rotating screen above the arcade is 260709.

This can be read as 26-07-09, or July 26, 2009. I’m fairly sure that this is a reference to GMod Tower’s public release date in July 2009, though I’m not sure about the day.


this one needs a confirmation TBH


According to a post from the escapistmagazine forums and a moddb post, Gmod Tower was released at July 26, 2009, 8 PM (GMT-5 [New York Time])




The old Waterhole practice area can be seen too, though it’s not quite as visible.

Waterhole as a whole may have been redesigned, but the practice zone is still in the same place it’s always been!


Not really sure if it qualifies as an easter egg, since the practice hole did work in the alpha but was removed from play once the practice round system was abolished.


Developers constantly recall the old days. But do I need to get hung up on the old one? The old one has already passed and it can not be returned.


The lounge theme,

Is a rehash of dongle’s other song.

The vocal notes at least.



That’s actually the other way around. He made the waiting for player music then wanted to explore a different way with the methylphenidate song.


Oh damn, thanks for the info. It’s actually pretty interesting.
I have a slight fascination for music production so this tickles my fancy.


Hole 5 of Sweet Tooth (Planet Panic! Dog U.F.O.)

Hole 10 of Sweet Tooth (Little Crusaders knight)