Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Most propably know already, but the “metal melon” item is a reference to an old Pixeltail Gmod mod of the same name

Also, the “gem” item was first introduced way back when during the Indiegogo campaign. It was used in various infographics to represent mini stretch goals. (and it seems to have been incorporated into the Bowling building)


Oh how that secret has changed…


Before the laser tag update I got into the laser tag waiting room. the only difference was no TV


Not sure if anyone has found this, but the Candy Bucket has got a funny message.

“Wrappers fucking everywhere”
I’m sure there are more. Once I post this, I will look around it to find some more


Found this Glorious image on google by accident. By googling the sweet brand “Starburst” I found the original


Easter egg(?)
It is not the right side


CollegeHumor???! I watched those guys when they made animations and good sketches.


Found A new easter egg. In the news theres always a photo that says whats next. currently it say fishing and next to it is To Be Announced. However if you brighten u the image you can see it says Zombie Massacre


Macdguy already showed us that


Nice! Nice! New update is ZM


Found a new easter egg, fellas! Sometimes when I type something in the chat, I get a response saying “stfu lmao gayboy”. I think the catsack gods are trying to reach us!


On Oasis, you can find Neox’s (the original GMT map’s creator’s) name carved into a stone.


good eye!


I have no clue how this hasn’t been mentioned, but on the front of the paper crown it has a logo with ‘Royal Burger’ written on it, which alludes to the restaurant Burger King


I don’t even have any idea why a “paper” crown is worth a million units. :thinking:


thanks Arkive


On this moving platform in Oasis, you can find Birb and a snake next to a boot.




Here, I’m guessing


And why is that an easter egg?