Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Ok… I found two huts outside of the map on house. House has been released for a long time now… not sure its been discovered. But if it hasn’t, then it’s about time!




The old gmod tower practice zone on Forest.


Awww. I really wish it was still usable! If it was re-used, Waiting for Players would be on the side of the screen and you would putt around and practice :smiley:


God the nostalgia is killing me!



Bit of an old one here but if you watch the end of the indiegogo trailer frame by frame you can see this


doubt his mom ever saw it lol


Unknown stains under water



p.s Illuminati confirmed


Probably already found, just wanted to bring it up.
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what am I looking at

Hidden area in prism
Credit to TenLetters for taking the pic


I found the same thing but forgot to upload it, I screenshotted it when it appeared for a split second when hitting the top and moving you camera all the way up.


If you bounce enough times you can actually get up there by bouncing up and around tons of times.



If you fly up to the top of Highrise you can see tower in the distance

I assume this is just apart of the skybox.


Here are the obvious Easter Eggs in the Underwater Condo:

A few of crashed planes:

A couple of submarines:

Some weird ass non-intractable platform:

And of course the previously posted scuba-diving tree:


This is from Lost.


I wouldn’t say the planes and subs are easter eggs because they are clearly visible from the condo and require no searching. They could be references to other games though.