Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


don’t know how many people know this but i’m fairly certain the “Wheel of Money” announcer is an homage to this WKUK skit.


the new smooth dirt condo map is a reference to the old gmod gm_flatgrass sandbox map


I just heard a message in the transit station. “The transit staff would like to remind you. You are under our control now!” or something lol.


I heard it say for public safety please do not urinate in the planters



Not sure if anyone has found this already. I do not take credit for finding this. Someone on the discord named “Kimo” seemed to have found it.
It’s a nice room that is named “HQ” based on the chat.
Not sure how it was accessed or where. Not even sure if it’s an easter egg or not.

If this isn’t an easter egg, please tell me and i’ll delete this post.




Its one of the rooms when flying up in the tower.


Yep, just discovered that.


Is that like a remake of the dev HQ from the early versions of Lobby 1 in GMT?


But it’s a easter egg…


Hey guys would you happen to sell some beer by any chance


To reach the HQ, you need to fly up to the 10th floor of the tower.


Did you know that there was a newspaper under one of the tables in the Tower HQ?

That newspaper doesn’t exist (the website shown on it doesn’t exist).
The date is Tuesday June 11, 2019.
That headline is maybe probably definitely a massive reference to Virus.

Let that sink in

(edit: here’s a slightly better picture)


Interesting, we’re gonna need a better pic though.


Downtown refurbishment work underway- Are they possibly going to update the House map? Or maybe this is referencing something new and unseen?


Haha the article on the right.
Well played


the small text actually seems readable, anyone has a better picture? Or the texture itself?


It’s just lorem ipsum text


The menu in the Cinema features a Doctor Who reference, fish fingers & custard, which was a favorite of one of the versions of The Doctor. This wasn’t found by me originally, one of the devs on the discord mentioned it but here’s a picture