Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


As a former brony, I can confirm that her name is a reference to the apple, as the entire family has apple names. It can’t be a reference to her if she is a reference, or it would have mentioned horses.

I think it’s just referencing the apple. The fact that Zak likes pastel horses has nothing to do with apples.


Granny Smith is also the person who found green apples.


There’s also 2 other easter eggs in the Credits video, one at the ending shot of the video, if you listen close and one at the shot inside the merchant’s shed.


I did always hear something at the ending but didn’t know what I’ll have to rewatch.

EDIT: Oh right, it’s those piano notes, don’t know what they mean though :confused:

EDIT2: I believe the easter egg inthe merchant’s ched is that the fire is flipped


The piano you hear are the last few notes of the song used for the first GMTower trailer, there’s also something watching you during the fireplace shot


What happens when I have nothing to do?
I translate the japanese movie posters in the Theater. (please note that I have 0 knowledge of japanese)

The name of the movie on the right is apparently Raptor-chan (translated character by character, it reads “raapito-tan”, -tan being another suffix for chan).

The name of the movie on the left is Niet+: Your Dream Is a Reality (rough translation reads “your dream a fake not” - kimi no yume wa nise janai).

There’s also that movie poster with the credits at the bottom:

The quality isn’t that good but you can tell that someone had fun smashing their butt on the keyboard to type the credits.

#TheMoreYouKnow :open_mouth:


Lol what is that thing?


Taken in the Foods shop, but displayed in all the other cash registers in the other stores.

Everything-is-too-expensive-in-TU confirmed


“Huge Rip off , 2,9M unites” that’s a new kind of food eh (cause I can see it’s the fruit store register lol)


You hit V then move. You need to be the owner of the server to do so though


For those who were wondering, the part in Japanese also reads Planet Panic (puraneto panike)


Well gee, thanks for telling us


I feel like that could have been a slight reference to how the game launched but thats doubtfull


Anyway im going to live up to full life consequences and go back into the files to see random shit.




People got out raged and most of them were calling it a “huge rip off”


The cash register was like that pre-launch.


We all do, Foohy, we all do


On the back of the projector:

A hula doll for whoever gets the reference


The Twilight Zone~