Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


You used to be able to spawn all those in the alpha item playground.


“Gem” is just a workname for it… right? :confounded:


Pressing on the cat in “Welcome to early access” screen making it do Meow and counts how much you’ve pet it. On the screen about GMT and Backer transfer pressing on car making it do Beep. sorry mates, who pressed “Don’t show this again”


I just rewatched the gmtower end credits. This appeared for a split second:

I remember Massaki saying he put in some easter eggs.


Wasn’t there this video showcasing some hidden area with lots of spooks?


It’s not really an easter egg, more of a reference to the cancelled Streamer event.


Don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m not just showing the hallway. Look harder.


I can see it, I saw during the trailer. I was stating that it is a reference to the cancelled Streamer event.


What cancelled streamer event?


This cancelled Streamer event.


On the gmt_halloween2015 map for Gmod it’s absolutely creepy, and that room where the creepy thing appeared in the Gmtower end credits, i went there
In the planet panic port, look closely into it down the back and there’s a cat
I’m hearing faint bells in Minigolf garden


The cats and dogs are supposed to be in the planet panic port. It’s part of the gamemode.


Not much of an easter egg but I’m sure some people won’t have noticed.
You should. Turn. Around.


That’s from GMTower/Youtube, not TU.


you mean this one?


That’s fake.


No not that


First of all good joob on finding those but i happend to found a other references in one of the item

its the apple the apple description is : Granny Smith wants her apple back.

now this description is a references to my little poney as Granny Smith is the one of one of the poney in the show and i think that all :smiley:


Pretty sure it’s a reference to


it could be actually but considering the fact that Zak one of the developer have a poney picture for profile we can asume that its a reference to my little poney but yes i guess we could see it that way

EDIT : granny Smith is also a poney that take care of a apple farm in the show and most of the menber of her family have apple reference into they’re name ^^
wich is why she call granny Smith