Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Sometimes i hear coughing and stuff too


That’s when you get an outrageously bad score, instead of clapping, you might get one clap and someone coughing.


Uh, no, i hear it while i’m actually doing the minigolf.


Pretty sure the mountain in the background is Mount Fuji



Pretty sure legacy items don’t count as an easter egg considering it’s pretty obvious about where they are from but I guess they are an easter egg either way.


I consider the text an easter egg, not the item itself


Oh ok I guess so.


wow i just noticed how much the mountains resemble each other in Vtipoman’s pictures


Just now?


Yeah, i haven’t been here in ages
(this thread)


Not sure to what extent this counts but if you boot up the TowerServer.exe program for dedicated server hosting while Steam’s Game Server API is down you get a series of “joke” messages.

After a few seconds of nothing this message then pops up…

Pretty sure people can guess what happens next.


Anyone know how to get to that secret area under the tower? Apparently you can clip through a part of the lobby to get to it.


you can get in there through legit ways, all you need is a tiny potion


and does Dandy mean the strange tunnel?


in the transit station there’s a roof to which you can jetpack through, after that there’s a rectangular box near the back end of the tower (still under the map) to which you can use a tiny potion to go through one of the cracks in the sides (1 on each side) there is the secret tunnel


oh i know that way, i thought you meant like a legit way, if there was a teleport or something


I always go to the back of the tower where there are holes in the corners of the prefab walls.


I don’t think anybody posted this yet, but the Wheel of Money and possibly spin2win are based somewhat off of the wheel of steam games.


On the House map, when it is night time and you knock on your neighbor’s door (which itself is an easter egg) the dog barks and the lights turn on. :slight_smile: