Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


The NPC thing is about a deleted post that had a giant talking error sign in what I think was Resort.


I feel we should have a rule for this thread to restrict it to only photographic, or video proof of easter eggs, rather than text rumours of uncertainty :​P


There was photographic proof, it was just of an NPC the owner had placed rather than an actual easter egg by the devs. It was just a misunderstanding.


I was more referring to stuff like this.
I never saw the post referring to the NPC


Ah, fair enough.


Kinda regret making that post, now that i think about it


Not really an easter egg, but I found it accidentally.
The back of the quarter has a TU symbol engraved on it.
Personally I hate the front of it due to lack of detail, so this little detail makes me hate it less.