Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Fuckin necrophobes


Feeling really sorry for the skeletons and milk cartons who have to deal with this stuff daily.


But large Roblox despacito monsters can participate wtf


Osteophobia in my Tower Unite? More likely than you’d think. As a skeletal man myself, I have a few words for whoever made this machine. >:(


Dunno if anyone’s seen this before. If you’re quick enough to scroll items before your weapons load, you can see the placeholder item.


There’s a face on the back of Cold Finger’s backer statue.


my friend was the one to figure it out, but… Franky, the hot-dog selling dog, seems to be a dachshund- aka a wiener/sausage dog


the face is the same as his pfp.
now i wonder, is the top of the statue the wrong way around, or is he permanently looking backwards?


“Hello? Is anyone there? I can’t see, I can’t hear, but i am alive.”


There’s also one where they ask you to thank the workers that are working hard on the tower.


Yeah, “remember, if it were easy, it would already be finished.”