Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Yeah that’s just the lobby one condo coming out when community condos come out lol
As for the TU version, 4.18. I tried opening the map in umodel but it just gave me some sort of “serial buffer error”.


yes, i know lobby one is confirmed already but im surprised its in the public game files


It’s been in the files for a long time.


I believe C_lobbyOne is the Suite from Lobby 1, not Project 39.


Yeah that’s what I thought, from the dev streams I think it said “C_Project39”


manages to open C_lobbyOne

OwO whats this
giant white room with text on wall
“Haha no, you stupid - Johanna”



I found this strange room in the right train station and down the tunnel

I think that it is quite know but it doesn’t seem like its been posted here


That one is really really old, at one point said grate was actually open and you could go down into a tunnel, there was nothing down there other than a door though.


The can of Splat Soda has an unusually high quality texture for such a small object, which lets us read its very interesting text:


Has anyone tried reversing or changing the speed of the sounds the hell portal makes?


Why would we all of a sudden do something like that?


I recognize the sound from GMod horror maps, so it probably isn’t hiding anything related to TU.


Because they like to do stuff with reversing audio
for example, when you reverse the couldren sounds, you get a rather funny response


I don’t know if this counts, but this is a Line from rob
Project 23 confirm???


Also, Rob has multiple lines referencing Bru Ray Players.


this has been talked about, but yeah its pretty cool how they do lore.


i also agree with this


i agree
since they retired that new condo we need a detailed backstory about the death of jeff


knowing jeff he’s probably been dead from the start


The truth is…
Jeff’s been dead from the start.