Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


this means the frozen lobby will definitely return this year no doubt


i htink some of the monitors in HQ and have new screenshots on them
i dont know which ones are new, since i dont go in the HQ enough, but i know this must be new since it is the new menu layout


The screenshots on the monitors are all quite old. That main menu is probably about a year old.


behinf the tents on the right of the transit station


idk if someone already saw this and posted this but is this project 23 on the map


Pretty sure that was some dev blocks that was supposed to be a ramp. I remember something like that behind the tower but maybe?


could be idk remember that far back


i remember seeing that back when the game was younger, thats a real old map


I’m gonna say no, because nothing is moved around (like poseidon) for project 23.


Was looking around the files to see if I could find anything interesting in the names. Found “HalloweenSecret”, it’s a map and it’s a pretty big one in terms of file size.

Any idea what this is?


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Also it starts with L, indicating that it is a lobby. The hunt begins… now!

Doesn’t look like anything to me.


I think it might be a version of the plaza with secret stuff in it.


Also can’t help but wonder what “L_Nahnia” is



That’s the snowball fight minigame level.


Oh, alright.

I assume you can’t disclose what HalloweenSecret is? :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like anything to me.


Some how knew he would say that.

Doesn’t look like anything to me.


hold up, im going to investigate this. what version of UE does tu use