Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!




birb is shorter and fatter


but what else could a small bird with a long beak and dome shaped head in Tower Unite be?


A bird.
You know, because birds were a somewhat prominent part of the hieroglyphs.
EDIT: This is literally the first google search result for “hieroglyphs”.


is that… really true?

there are other birbs that aren’t birb?


I found this candy bucket in my GMod for some reason


SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL MY SHED. Why does the forums not accept this as a complete sentance?


Found some hidden messages when reversing some halloween whispering sounds


“The catsacks are scheming, don’t trust them”


Just linking some other “easter egg-y” threads to check out. You know, so all the easter eggs and references are (kinda) in the same place.




Sometimes, just because I hate myself, I explore the TU Steam Community Disscussions. It’s usually not worth it, but recently, I found this juicy thread.
This part is especially interesting:

You know what to do.


As for the “whispering sounds” @Bumpy226 reported, you can run into them in-game by “talking” to an eyeball.



Oh yeah, does my new favorite plaza location count?


found this on the PBB End Table Capped’s leg


Nice find.
You may have found it first because you may also be the first to actually buy that thing.


What is it?


I think it’s suppose to look like a G.
To me it looks more like a compressed version of a dungeon key from ROTMG.