My Audio Inputs are now messed up

if you hear me in the first 3 episodes of The Bone Zone Season 5 (2021) you know that my audio is very crispy (that was also on discord) and idk where it came from, last time before i upgraded my computer it’s all fine and now it’s a serious problem. Here’s the Proof (i record it with my mic because obs studio won’t detect discord mic test, that sound you’re hearing is a 1 hour beep video from my phone connecting to pc audio input. my normal mic test is at the start and the end is from the discord mic test)
i tried everything (changing settings and reinstalling drivers) but no luck, is there anything that i should know about?

My Specs:
RTX 2060 Super 8 GB
Windows 10
Ryzen 5 3600x 6-Core Processor
Realtek Audio

Update: After testing it with @nephco on steam chat and in-game, it no longer messed up, i’ve just disabled “Echo cancelation” on steam chat, however discord still has some issues though, and she told me that the fps is what cause mine and some other player’s inputs to lag (including @The_Lich but with audio crackles which i still have one though), but i’ll see if it really works tomorrow. (if it dosen’t, then i have to deal with that for a very long time)
update 2 (oct 13 2021): why? :frowning:
Update 3 (Oct 14 2021): i just notice that i’m not the only one with that problem, there has been a lot of discord users having that same issue. and most of all, it never got fixed 4 months later. maybe discord is the one that effects my inputs on online games but idk if that’s true, i’ll try it again next time, but without opening discord.
Final Update (Oct 16 2021): After Trial and Error, i’ve finally fixed it (on tbz ep5, but it’s has a little crispy audio and my phone speakers won’t be detected for no reason), however idk which ones which, it’s probably “Clownfish Voice Changer” that made my inputs laggy for other players but me (it got updated today btw), or that i have to run Epic Games Launcher in order to have my inputs not lag (and this aint the first time that happened), or that i have to close discord, but i’ll make another final update next time if i found out which on of these 3 cause it.
final update 2: still lagging on the rest of that episode, guessing it’s actually my audacity/obs/w10-gamebar recordings or internet connection issue

Final Update 3 (end of october): i realized that i’m not the only one in this game, there is other players that has the same issue. so when the game lags, the inputs also lags with crispy audio, unsure if it’s an actual glitch or feature on tower unite’s end or not.

reposting this:

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