[] Voice Chat lagging issue

Last Year, I made a Thread of how My Audio Inputs are now messed up and i tried everything to fix it. Now, it’s still there and i’m not the only one who experience that problem. i think it’s only just this game and my inputs are still fine in discord, steam chat and other games (outside of tower unite).

Steps to Reproduce

just holding the voice chat button while too many things (players, voice chat, etc.) appear.

What I expected to happen

anyone can hear my voice chat lagging on their end, but i can hear it fine on my end (steam chat mic test).

What happened

AFAIK, too many things can not only create lags, but can also make the voice chat stutter if the internet connection or graphics preformance (including fps) is not good or something (according to @nephco during the voice chat test from last year).

Notes / Media

someone named “rwc900” on TU discord server has the same problem, meaning most players have experience the voice chat lagging.

I tried my best to find the timecode (3:08:45) that includes the voice chat of me (most of the times i use an soundboard/audience-track for the voice chat) and @Chae. Chae’s voice chat also has lagging audio too, however there were sometimes where mine and theirs still works fine. but most of the times, mine couldn’t even be heard and even mostly more lagging than Chae’s.

From experimentation, please try to look for any Oculus VR audio devices and disable them when not using VR. This should help with the voice chat lagging.

i don’t think i have any Oculus VR audio devices, i don’t even know what you mean by “disable them”.

What audio devices do you have?

If you can go to the Sound control panel and take a screenshot that could be helpful.

This is what mine looks like:

Screenshot 2022-10-19 193309
Screenshot 2022-10-19 193327

Have you tried disabling VoiceMeeter and using the microphone directly?

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i don’t think that’s the case because voicemeeter doesn’t seem to cause the problem since 2018-2020, but if it does then i’ll disable it and try to use a different audio mixer software similar to voicemeeter because i need it to use the audience-track/soundboard for the bone zone. i’ll do another voice chat test (with and probably without audio mixer) at somepoint, but not right now.

Update: Nope. It’s Still There, even without VoiceMeeter and other Audio Mixer softwares. @macdguy