"Movie World Studios" Working Theme Park

Ci sono novità? È tanto che non pubblichi aggiornamenti!


I wanted to give you a little update on the park a month after the last update, just so as not to leave the page suddenly interrupted without explanations:

In the last 30 days I have paused work at MovieWorld to focus on my Game Worlds contest submission ( “MedievaLand!”, an amusement park-themed map for Little Crusaders - here’s the post where I talk about it for those who missed it May/June 2024 Condo Contest (Game World Maps) - #16 by TheGreenKing ).

Before doing this however, I proceeded slightly with the work on the new attraction, but here is the problem I am encountering:

My system is no longer able to support the park as before,
we are now talking about 20,000 park items…

Considering that in single player I experience a bit of lag,
and that with even just one other player with me in the park ( not 20, but only 1) my computer basically catches fire…
you know, it becomes a little difficult to continue building and having fun.

Now, understanding that the problem stems from my system, the only way to fix this is to upgrade it… which is a thing I will do, but not anytime soon.
For this reason, the best choice is to pause the park, wait a moment and maybe one day reopen it as best as possible with a new system.

I’m considering making the park available as a Workshop Condo even if incomplete, and maybe updating it someday.

Until then I understood the limits I have to deal with and intend to do smaller and more high-performance projects.

Thanks everyone, my first page on the forum has received this much support!
MovieWorld will be back stronger than before! :smiley:

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