"Movie World Studios" Working Theme Park

Welcome to the official showcase dedicated to my latest big project:
Movie World Studios!

You know one of those studios-themed theme parks around the world? Like the very famous “Universal Studios” or the less well-known “Movieland”?

Given my great passion for amusement parks and the fact that the mover tool is ever closer to release, I just had to throw myself into building Tower Unite’s first working theme park!*

( *As far as I know, no one is currently working on such a project)

Here’s what this section is for:

  • Stay up to date on all additions within the park, from sneak peeks to full reveals of upcoming attractions

  • Suggest me ideas for new attractions, park areas and shops! They can help me make the park truly unique! (Follow the criteria written below to make suggestions, please)

  • Report bugs and malfunctions (If you tell me in-game it’s better, this section here is for when im AFK)

Criteria for suggestions:

I only take into consideration types of attractions or shops that exist IRL, or in any case I will tend to make any suggestion as realistic as possible: Avoid stuff like “The people thrower” or “the decapitator”, thanks :smiley:

Personally I prefer making rides regarding general themes rather than specific films, because an attraction based on a specific trademark may not be enjoyable for those who have not seen said film. I can always do something similar though, so go ahead and suggest!

These criteria may change over time

My challenge:

To make everything more interesting, I set myself several rules to use during the development of the park:

  1. The land you see in the photo cannot be changed in any way: When I run out of space, we will have to decide whether to expand by purchasing land, whether to remove old attractions or whether to build on existing buildings, optimizing the space.
See the Photo

  1. Where possible, it is mandatory to follow the contours of the terrain: The park cannot be completely flat and therefore will have to be adapted on a case-by-case basis.
See the photo

  1. The park will have to be as realistic as possible (optimizations permitting), creating an experience that you could normally find IRL
See the photo


Today I started building the entrance! As you can see there’s a bit of a mess around, but it won’t be a problem anymore once I’m done. I will update you soon.


In today’s update I’ll share a couple of photos from the construction site… this morning the crane arrived to move the larger parts. Now the workers are almost finished, they were about to install the main sign here! Obviously I’ll show you the finished work later.


Today’s Update is a BIG one!

Let’s start from the entrance: here the work has been completed, now we can admire the entrance arch in all its beauty!

The turnstiles at the entrance are few due to space, I will probably have to expand the entrance if the park gets a large turnout! (btw I’ll post a photo I took when they arrived… initially I didn’t like them, but it grew on me after seeing them in their place.)

Here are some photos taken inside the ticket office building.

Now we get to the juicy part!
Without spoiling too much, I can officially announce that work on the first attraction has begun! Well, technically it’s not just 1 attraction, but that’s all you need to know for now!

And this is only the beginning!!

Now a question for you: What will be built inside this large construction? Any ideas?

Little hint: it’s not something for everyone…

In the meantime I leave you to the next update telling you that the park will open together with the first attraction!
Thanks for the support :smiley:


Hey! Here to tell you that even though there have been no updates in the last few days I am still working on the park! The problem is that if I posted photos I would spoil too much of the interior…
Let’s say that at least half of the experience is ready!


Time to announce the name of the first ride!
Anyone who doesn’t want any kind of spoiler shouldn’t click this image

I’m aiming to open it around 2024-03-22T22:59:00Z, depends on how long it takes me to finish the final details.

As already mentioned, with the opening of the first ride also comes the inauguration of the park (including the first Shop).


I just wanted to let you know that I need to fix some problems with the queue system, so it’s unlikely that the first ride will open today. But since the rest is ready, why not show some?

The following images contain spoilers, don’t click them if you don’t want to spoil anything about the new attraction.

These are just some of the rooms you will find inside Hotel California!

Every jumpscare and effect is done with the new Movers, so you can expect a lot of dynamics in the scenes.


The timer has started: 2024-03-29T22:59:00Z


Heyo! Yesterday’s inauguration was exciting, there were so many of you who visited the park and crossed the doors of the Hotel California, an attraction that received many inspirational ingame comments along with many suggestions. For those who perhaps missed the beginning of the first thematic area “Hollywood Street” (name to be defined), here are some photos of the first 3 facades!

I’ll also post a photo of the queue area for Hotel California! in the next few days I will add some technical details to make the Pre-show more complete… so stay tuned for that.

There’s also a little cinema here near the entrance with definitely comfortable
w o o d e n b e n c h e s (and plastic chairs too!)

After finishing the construction of my small office on the second floor of one of the three facades,

Work began on the next big attraction! Even too big, since I wasn’t able to take photos of the facades without including part of it. Oops!

More information coming soon!
…or immediately, by visiting the park. This ride isn’t easy to hide. haha.


Heyo! It’s been a while since I updated you on the work, eh?

Let’s say that for the last week I have been busy working on MovieWorld Studios’ latest investment.

This post contains spoilers relating to the next attraction: as usual, if you don’t want spoilers don’t click below!

Ok, without too much fuss:

I bought a roller coaster!

Precisely an off the shelf model of a chain-driven Family Coaster from the Technical Park company!

I bought it second hand, it comes from a group of traveling fairs with which I have good relationships with.

This is why it was quite easy to assemble it: being a traveling model, it does not require foundations and stands on itself!

This new rollercoaster will obviously have a theme and heavy theming that will continue the first thematic area of ​​the park.

This colorscheme is the same as when I purchased it, based on how it looks with the theming I might think about changing the colors.

What will the theme be? You’ll find out in a few days with the reveal of the train! Until that day, here are some shots of the coaster in the park.

Here's the IRL model I was heavily inspired by!

Photos taken by me at a fair in Turin in 2022
For more photos search on the internet for “TNT Train LunaPark”, I don’t post them here for copyright reasons


Heyo! Here’s a nice fresh update from the construction site of the next attraction!

Today we started work on various structures that will characterize this area of ​​the park.

Well yes, because this attraction won’t be the only one in the area, we have something in store for everyone. But one thing at a time, for now let’s focus on the Coaster station:

The original ticket office and control room of the traveling coaster has been positioned and connected. Obviously from today it will only serve as a control room since this experience will be included in the park ticket. There will be various tweaks to make it thematically coherent with the rest of the theme.

Near the station we are preparing a two-storey construction, which we will use to compact the attractions together and make the most of the space.

This one is specifically designed to have an entrance, a queue space, a space for two shops, a second door to be used as an exit, an emergency exit, the beginning of a backstage area for the coaster, a toilet and several water connections for a ride that I don’t intend to reveal to you yet.

So here is an aerial image of the expansion area we are working on, including the coaster.

Small detail: between the expansion area and the entrance, on the side of the park ticket office, we have completed the work on a small backstage area and employee entrance.

For now it won’t be of much use, but it will become essential later to store components of the next attractions waiting to be installed.

And since for now I can’t find better places than near the bins, I put my workstation here. Let’s hope the umbrella is enough for the rain.

That’s all for now! Thanks again for your support, we are close to the first 100 visitors!!


We have reached the first 100 visitors!
As a small thank you for reaching this milestone, I’ll post a couple of photos from today. We are working hard to bring you a new area full of detail, story and above all fun.

A large curved part with our logo on it, straight from Australia and the first of many.

several props for the new attraction straight from- well, not far from here actually.


With around 70% of the work done, I finally present to you the poster of the new attraction!

As simple as it may be, this too will be an experience rather than an attraction, made up not only of the mechanical part but also of the story and the environments.

Without revealing too much, I can present you the facade as it is now. Obviously there will still be a lot of work on it, but it’s a good start.

(the content depicted is still in production and may vary from the final result)

We are also still working on the skyline of the park:

We finished erecting the MovieWorld Studios water tower yesterday! Soon it will be well connected to the thematic area I’m working on, but just like that it’s recognizable enough to be printed on merchandise for the park! How beautiful is the world of commerce!

More details on TaxiCoaster in the next update!


Very cool stuff, this is a really cute build!! It’s clear you’re having a lotta fun , good luck on continued construction !


I never had a chance *to visit the Movie World Studios for the first time. Do you have a server or Workshop condo so I can visit for the first time?


The park is not yet available on the steam workshop as it is incomplete, but I keep it open to the public more or less every day while I work on the new attractions, usually in the 19:00 - 23:59 and 00:00 - 5:00 time slot (Europe time). Even if sometimes im afk.

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