May/June 2024 Condo Contest (Game World Maps)

Greetings! I present to you my map to participate in the 2024 GameWorld Maps contest: MedievaLand! it’s an amusement park like those you’d find near seaside resorts but with a slightly medieval theme, as a gameworld map. My steam profile is [Steam Community :: TheGreenKing ] and this is Medievaland 2024 !

featured image:

Oh no! the Dragon Animatronic came to life and escaped from one of the attractions in this park! Only you and your friends are able to turn it off by pressing the button on its back, saving the park and bringing back the magic!

This map was created for Little Crusaders, for the layout I was heavily inspired by the layouts of various official maps to make sure it was balanced to play.

Logically the attractions cannot be ridden, although they give an excellent addition of dynamism to the map thanks to the animated lights and moving parts.

Special Feature: In this map, using an I/O circuit, the first 5 rounds will take place during the day while the remaining 5 will take place at night, to make the gameplay more varied and to make the game more difficult

I created this map in a month, starting on May 8th and finishing today, June 7th
using zero workshop items!! (yes, even the coaster is made out of canvases)

The map is complete with invisible boundaries to prevent players from finding unfair hiding places and to prevent them from coming into contact with moving parts of the attractions

Many details and many well-hidden Easter eggs await you at MedievaLand!

Here is a short video with all the details of the map: lights, attractions in operation, special effects.

Here are some photos for those who don’t have time for the video:


Some details that make this map interesting

Some details that make this map interesting:

  • The “Wacky Birb” coaster is a parody of the very famous “Wacky Worm”, one of, if not the most famous roller coaster model in existence: they can be recognized for having caterpillar-themed trains and for being practically everywhere.

  • There are several attractions themed after Tower Unite characters, such as Kalleira for Magical Clouds, Birb for the coaster, the in-game plush rabbit for Flying Rabbit and King Arthritis for the cauldron-themed teacups ride.

  • The “Its a small Forest” DarkRide is a parody of the very famous “Its a Small World”, an attraction present in several Disney parks known for its repetitive music. The logo itself took almost 2 hours to make.

  • The bumper cars are a faithful reproduction of those that can be seen in the Plaza, since there wasn’t one already made I had to recreate it from scratch.

  • All the lightbulbs in the midway area are made up of 3 canvases each, for a total of approximately 3,000 pieces

  • The “Dungeon Falls” log flume is based on a traveling model currently on the market, which means you may have seen an identical one in real life! If you are interested in knowing, it is the logflume from Reverchon

  • The wizard’s hat on the “Merlin’s Challenge” ticket booth was designed to be placed on top of “magical Clouds”, where Kalleira is now. Let’s recycle to save the planet!

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Oh! I almost forgot the most important thing: if you can’t wait to try it, you’ll want to check out this:

Edit: The map has been updated several times to fix every major and minor issues found while playing, including fixing the invisible walls to prevent ghosts from leaving the map
(the full changelog can be found on the steam workshop page)

Thanks for the support!