TowerFest Evolution: Working FunFair Rides

Who remembers TowerFest?

My first big project here on TU, left unfinished because it was poorly optimized.

It was a park with traveling attractions: a FunFair, or Fairground, or LunaPark, or Kirmes, or Kermis, or Fete Foraine… the list goes on for the terms with which to define this type of park and its attractions.

Now, at the time this project hadn’t been seen by many, I was building new things very slowly and above all I was still a bit of a novice with build tools.

This is why now, when you can finally not only make the attractions move but also add custom sounds to make the experience even more immersive, I decided to try again: This is how TowerFest Evolution was born

  • more detail!
  • more optimization!
  • more sounds!
  • more life and dynamism!

On this page I will update you on all the news, changes, I will create a history so you can see the park even when the project ends - all in a simple way, focusing on the attractions and making them as life-like as possible

Now, this is the space I dedicated to the fair:

You can see a minimum of the layout done with the red carpets. These indicate the main roads for guests to walk on that will branch between the attractions and kiosks.

I probably won’t be able to complete the entire layout, which is why I reserve the right to shorten/widen it based on future developments.

Important Thing to Remember

Unlike stable amusement parks (such as MovieWorld Studios —> "Movie World Studios" Working Theme Park) this type of park does not focus at all on theming, thematic areas or the coherence of attractions close to each other: These are traveling attractions; those that settle at a fair for a short period of time, then are dismantled onto trucks and transported to the next destination. For this reason, based on models of actually existing attractions, many of these will be much simpler themed. You have to think from the perspective that each attraction is owned by a different family, which consequently has its own way of holding and maintaining such an attraction. The same goes for kiosks, machines, prize games and everything else you find in a park like this

“TowerFest” is a name that comes from the similar “OctoberFest”,
a German holiday period also characterized by various events of the kind

For this park I will also be using my new incredible SoundPacks a lot

So grab yourself some cotton candy (who doesn’t have it at home) and sit back while I tell you more about TowerFest Evolution!



Today I completed the first ride:

:black_circle: New Ride Now Available: SkyTower (1)

let’s start with something simple and for the whole family: here’s SkyTower!

This is a Star Tower type panoramic attraction, the wheel spins faster and faster as it reaches the top of the tower, and the seats are pushed outwards due to centrifugal force.

All the lights, sounds and movements match what you would find irl

Construction time: approximately 3 days
Seats: 16
Movers used for movements: 11
Ride Cycle: 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Thx for the support! :smiley:


Here’s a nice fresh update from the park:

:black_circle: Updated Map

I’ve updated the park map to contain all the new stuff:

Now contains more information related to the Tuesday Morning discount, emergency exits have been better defined, and a new entry to the ride list has been added: “2 - HipHop”

:black_circle: New Cinema

After the huge success of GreenKing’s Little Not-so-hidden Temporary Cinema at Movie World Studios, it’s back and stronger than ever!

Inside this reconditioned container, 6 comfortable chairs and a mega curved screen await you to watch a film or listen to music with your friends!

:black_circle: Price Increase

Given the success of SkyTower, with 78 rides in the last week alone, the owners have decided to raise the price per person:

from 150Units to 300Units

they still would like to point out that the Tuesday morning discount will remain valid on their attraction.

:black_circle: New Ride now available: HipHop (2)

Assembly of the new HipHop attraction is now complete,
the attraction opened to the public today

Thanks to those who visited for the inauguration, there were many more of you than I thought. For those who haven’t tried HipHop yet - you know where to find it!

This is a Miami type Thrilling attraction, Two rotating arms move a long row of seats making them jump to the beat amid smoke effects and strobe lights.

All the lights, sounds and movements match what you would find irl

Construction time: approximately 2 days and half
Seats: 14
Movers used for movements: 4
Ride Cycle: 2 minutes and 10 seconds

:black_circle: Future additions:

I’m working on several sound packs that will make this and any Fair like it even more realistic

Without spoiling further, I would like to inform you that they could be partially implemented already in the coming week

I might also think about creating some POVs to put here on the forum, partly to serve as an archive when the project is finished but also for those who are unable to visit the park.

Work on the assembly of the next attraction has begun. This one coming is one of my favorite attractions so I’m very excited. More information coming soon.

I am also thinking of implementing polls for choosing attractions, kiosks and simple theming in some cases where I myself am undecided.

Thank you so much for the support :smiley:


We have reached 100 SkyTower departures!
This means that the attraction has been activated 100 times since I opened it to the public

To celebrate this milestone, here is a small but intense update from the park:

:black_circle: New interactive machine

Let’s continue with the references to my other condos with this new interactive coin-operated machine!

Do you recognize it? Does the name Pirate Photo remind you of anything?

No, huh?
Well, maybe its because not all of you have visited Caribe Bay Water Park, another park of mine created in November 2023.
Directly from the mainstreet of that Caribbean theme park comes the new updated version, which this time actually takes the picture.

You know, a fun lil’ thing to try if you pass through here.

:black_circle: Progress on the next ride

Now that the custom sounds have been implemented in the game, together with the movers I want to try to make a classic of my parks in a renewed version. And I may have taken a lot of inspiration from the Original TowerFest.

For now I’ll post just one photo, but I warn you that it tells a lot about what I’m doing:

I’m using quite a few sounds for this here.

:black_circle: Now its your time

Exactly; now is your time: I would really like to try something new today,
doing a Poll to decide on the simple theming of one of the next attractions I will build:

So, this is the ride i will build:

Basically the kart follows the U-shaped rails to swing (a bit like the pirate boat ride), while the two parts with the seats above the kart rotate in two opposite directions faster and faster

Now the question is

What will the theme be?
  • Atlantis / Neptune
  • Tornado
  • Titanic
  • Alien Abduction
0 voters

The choice is yours, the work is mine - The Poll will close automatically on 18/07/24
It might not be the next attraction to be built, but it’s definitely on the list.

I’d say that’s all for today, and if you want to see all this with your own eyes…
I’ll wait for you here at TowerFest!

Thx for the support :smiley:


I wish I was rich so I could pay you to make real parks because you’re ideas and designs are so awesome! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to come back!


This is such an awesome project! I rode the Sky Tower some weeks ago, really looking forward to the expansions!

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