Money reset to 0


I was playing in the casino the other day and my money was reset from around 1 Million to 0 all of the sudden.


Were you using macros or botting?


No I was playing triple diamonds and all of the sudden my money went to 0


This question is quite concerning. Does this mean that people who try to bot or macro risk losing all of their units? because with the macro checker already being so unreliable and kicking people who are genuinely playing the casino, it would really be unfair for someone to lose their credits because of an inaccurate system. Or is it a temporary loss until you re-join the plaza?


Yes, people suspected of macros are wiped of units.


This makes me not wanna play the Casino again :expressionless:


We don’t often wipe Units, but it’s a manual process, not an automatic system. We take it very seriously. I believe we have only wiped 2 accounts so far for multiple repeated evidence of botting/cheating.

I have been away from work and on holiday so I can’t look up his account immediately.


You have accessed the secret “spend all your units on this triple diamonds machine and get absolutely nothing in return” button


Is there a way to appeal or something? It’s kinda dumb just to lose half of all progress for no reason.


Out of curiousity, how will it be determined if said person is macroing?

Last time I read, people would send in reports to people who wouldn’t respond to them speaking on voice chat.
I hope that isn’t the key factor here because I often turn the volume off in my game to watch youtube videos on my second monitor.


I hope not I didn’t even do anything :disappointed:


I don’t believe you were reset for macroing.


What was it for then?


I went through our logs and I found out that we did reset your Units for macroing on October 16th. We had first hand evidence, several reports, and logged proof.

Sorry I gave you misinformation before. I’ve been out of the office (due to the flu) and didn’t have a chance to look it up.


That’s a oof from me