Meet PixelTail Games


As of now, PixelTail Games is comprised of (in no particular order)…

##Full Time Developers
Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM. Weekends too sometimes.

@MacDGuy: He manages all the company stuff, but more commonly he works on gameplay code and scripts. He handles gameplay programming and design. He is also the UI designer.

@Caboose700: He helps us out with programming and moderation. He did all the code for the Trivia backend (, helps with C++ blueprint functions, works on website backend, server administration, and gameplay.

@Lifeless: He works on level design, items, and anything that needs art (models, textures, etc.). While he does level design, he also provides most, if not all, the artwork in all his maps. He’s been responsible for lots of work on the Lobby, Virus: Hospital, Virus: Desertion, Virus: Overtime, Ball Race: Summit, Ball Race: GLXY, Ball Race: Midori, Minigolf: Altitude, Minigolf: Waterhole, Minigolf: Emission, Little Crusaders: Throne Room, Little Crusaders: Amphitheatre. The amount of things he’s done on the Plaza is insane.

@Johanna : She is a content developer, artist, and level designer. Her work includes a lot of artwork for the Plaza and Condos, as well as Minigolf: Sweet Tooth, Minigolf: Forest, Condo: Underwater, all of the arcade machine models, and several other maps.

@Will: Our musician. He does ALL the music in Tower Unite. Every, single, song. He also does most of the sound effects in our game. He is the master of sound. He records everything in the highest possible quality and spends countless hours mixing audio, and composing original music.

Robert: Recently joined us in 2018, he helps with programming. His recent contributions are gizmos and optimization.

@JJosh: Recently joined us in 2018, he helps with artwork and making new items.

Part Time Developers

These folks work when they can. Some work on a schedule and stick around a lot during the weekdays. Some work only on weekends.

@Madmijk: He works on level design, items, and anything that needs art (models, textures, etc.). He’s responsible for Ball Race: Prism. He does all his own artwork for his maps.

@Krionikal: He works on artwork (models, textures, etc.). He’s been responsible for food items, and lots of other miscellaneous models. He also works on weapon animations.

@Gloves: Recently joined us in 2018, he works on animations for both the characters and weapons for our game. He’s currently making SDNL weapon animations and player emotes.

Chris: Recently joined us in 2018, he’s an artist who is currently helping us with SDNL weapons.


We have:

  • 3 full time programmers (1 is also a UI and game designer, 1 is also a web app/system admin)
  • 3 full time artists (2 are also level designers)
  • 1 full time musician
  • 1 part time programmer (who is also an artist)
  • 1 part time artist
  • 2 part time animators (2 who are also artists)

In summary, we have at minimum 7 developers working on the game during the weekdays (2-3 developers during the weekends).
If everyone on our team is working, we have a max of 11 developers working during the weekdays.

We all touch different parts of the game and go above and beyond with our work.

Hopefully that clears up any questions on who works on what.

I’ll keep this post up-to-date if we change our development team at any point in time.

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Meet PixelTail Games, more like Meet the most awesome dev team evar



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Saw a good opportunity to make a joke and I regret nothing.


I never knew caboose was a deveolper


He has been for around a month or two now.


Thanks for this post. Another question I got is on how you manage collaboration. Which version control system are you using, Git, SVG? Which software are you using for your internal issue tracker (and how many old bugs are hanging around in there since alpha launch)?
Are these two servers also hosted on DigitalOcean (I know that the forums are hosted there)?

These questions are not important or anything but I’d appreciate it if you could answer these.


We use P4. We don’t use an internal bug tracker, they’re not for us.
Due to security concerns, I’d rather not answer the rest.

[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek

So, will this be updated with @mitterdoo’s info?


what about the mitter man


Great to ‘Meet’ you guys. Keep up the awesome development!