Making my own blorp

i’m not gonna lie, i’m real into the whole blorp movement. theyre not based on any property or meme. theyre just there to make everyone feel good. i know that someone used to have the template up for people to make their own, but I haven’t been able to find it. granted, i still have a lot more learning to do in terms of modeling and rigging, but this could be a fun way to do that




thank you i agree

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I couldn’t find a template but here is the thread the original creator opened up. Maybe they’re still taking suggestions or maybe they happen to have the template saved somewhere and can give it to ya. Here you go:

The template thread was pretty easy to find, this is the thread for it:

Sadly he edited his post so that the link isn’t in the current post in that thread.
(Unless you look at the edit history because the link is there and still valid) [Not anymore.]

Here ya go:
[REDACTED: please respect the original post. The revisions in that post with the links are also hidden now.]


i thought that it got took down because searith didn’t want it to be public,
they allowed lemon to make some for people though since lemon is a professional when it comes to models and can make them properly, cleanly and make it so they don’t have tons of verts.
(plus this makes it so only people they trust to have them)


Because it’s likely @Searith who contacted him, perhaps we should respect the creator’s wishes for his model not to be distributed?


Searith retired from making blorps, but he let me take over as I am a game artist, I cant speak for him but I am pretty certain he doesnt want too many people making them other than people he trusts


ah, fair enough. I’ll hold off then

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