Ever wanted to make your very own blorp? Well, now you can!

Here’s a set of instructions on how to make your own blorp:

  1. Get the blorp model and textures:

  2. This file includes the standard blorp model and all materials needed for it. You can change or remove these however you like.

  3. Add whatever you want! Make sure everything is assigned to the right calf on the TU rig when you’re finished and make sure to press ctrl+a in object mode to apply location, rotation, and scale (assuming you’re using Blender).

  4. Import the model into Tower Unite as a .dae file. Then, change the metadata however you want (or don’t). A player height of 30 is recommended for blorps.

  5. Upload the model to the workshop!

If you’re having trouble, or just don’t want to make your own blorp, you can suggest one here: Blorp Suggestion Megathread


thanks i’ll give you more nightmares with this power


Thank you, I will make a max blorp


i will try