Blorp Suggestion Megathread

Hello i’m Searith Creator of blorps/boings/blob cats for TU workshop!

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, here is a picture of one!


I created them as condo item before workshop even came out because I was preparing for workshop and I thought what if I did this and made it a player model? Now these little guys are all over the tower!

I have made deer blorps and a bunch of cat blorps but people want more/their own custom blorps!
This will act as a list that I will go down and make as many as I can because people really like these guys!


A blorp in a suit
Terminator blorp
Christmas blorp (since christmas is on the way)
Ghost blorp
Cowboy blorp

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Dino Blorp
Chad Blorp

If you could make a penguin blop, I would pay you my weight in piles of gold

blorp with a muscular body

Just wear a cowboy hat or santa hat for those 2

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Im going to start work on the dino blorp because he sounds cute

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alright so listen, best idea
Sans undertale blorp
Steve minecraft blorp

pretty good i know

This is the Wabbit model for Tower Unite, I love it

Im sorry it was just too easy I had a white blorp so all I had to do was add the “Flame”


I meant more of a little christmas dress or cowboy clothing

fox blorp please :smiley:

Uploading soon

2 Likes Here he is!


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Thanks dude, I love it!

Chicken blorp please.

Can we get a christmas blorp?
stick a santa hat on em and maybe some colours on his body


Hey, I have a semi-personal request, I’d like a blorp cat that looks just like my cat, she’s nothing complex, I can send you photos of how she looks like from here or in private, but I’d like to have her as an NPC in my House! And use her from time to time too lmao

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HHGregg blorp.

Make it happen.