Low quality textures issue

i tried with ANY graphic configuration ingame and a few signs and textures have a really low quality making them almost unreadable
screenshot so you understand the problem:

my specs:
GPU: AMD Radeon R5 M480
CPU: AMD APU A8-7410

I’m guessing based on the fact you’re using an APU, that your issue is similar to the one posted here, where you have little VRAM avaliable, so the game unloads textures to free up space. You may be able to increase the amount of RAM allocated to video in your computers BIOS. That, or this could be an unrelated issue, in which case, oops I tried.

the game says that i have 1008MB – how much should i have??

Thats not a lot, my gpu has 8gb of vram for comparrison (Nvidia GTX 1070)

Well according to the steam page you pretty much have the minimum.

Their recommended amount of VRAM is 2GB.

If you want the game to look good I would suggest a 4GB card.

I currently use a 12GB card (Nvidia GTX Titan X).

well i have 2 problems:

  • my pc has a security routine so it skips the bios when turning on and it sends me directly to windows loading
  • im using a laptop. i cant change my graphic card

i guess ill have to live with those textures issues and ask ppl to read them by me

We’re hoping to reduce memory usage in the upcoming update (


Solution given by @macdguy in Discord.
Add -NOTEXTURESTREAMING to Launching Parameters of Tower Unite, in Steam.