[] (Build 2623430) Blurry textures problem still unsolved?


My textures are still blurry even after all this time, I remember reporting this bug months ago.
My GPU is a GTX 550 Ti 1GB.
No matter what graphic setting I choose, the texture are blurry af, even on Ultra.
Screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1407538817

Low quality textures issue

While you just meet the minimum requirements, you may need more VRAM. This is something we are addressing in the next update (and the updates after that).

Basically, you are getting blurry textures due to lack of extra VRAM and the game is unloading textures to fit them.


Oh, thanks for the answer, I though having 16GB of RAM will make a diffence, but no.


If we’re not talking Laptop where they might be shared, your 16 GB RAM aren’t related to VRAM, that’s the internal memory of the GPU. According to the model name you posted, it’s 1 GB for you.


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