Lobby One Community Condo


Lobby 1 is preparing for release? I thought this was going to be out with the community condos?


Looks like we might be getting the map as a regular condo first, and then have the Community Condo stuff added later!


so this could mean it is coming out solo for everyone to have, (but i think it is going to come with community condos), cause the devs have said multiple times recently that it is coming out with community condos, i think it may be a misunderstanding since i think the “Preparing for release” on trello actually probably is meaning “Preparing for completion and or release”.
so if i am right (which i may or may not be), it probably means its preparing to be done internally but not to be released to the public game.


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll YEAAHH


I think more likely is that they are planning on releasing Community Condos soon. Based on the weekly dev logs and the Discord, it seems like Community Condos is their next focus (given they’re adding condo settings saving, permissions, getting servers to run on the same machine, etc).


this is epic


Cant wait to explore one of the biggest parts of TU history!


I never got to play lobby one so I feel the same


I gotta say, I am extremely excited about this! I wasn’t at first, I thought it was stupid. The plaza is a lobby and the condo is a home. The lobby shouldn’t be treated as a condo but after I thought about it, THIS IS EPIC


Card was renamed from “Lobby One Community Condo" to “MAP - Condo: Resort”.




Also, I think it should be 1,000,000. 450,000 might be a little too cheap for a condo like that!


I know, I said “wrong” because the card name wasn’t updated.


I feel like all the community condos could end up being 450,000 as a baseline price (Underwater and Resort are both massive enough)


I’m trying to find the post or whatever, but we’ve previously said that we wouldn’t make it cost a million units. We do want people to be able to get it.


damn i think it should be more
(i saved up 1 mill units and never spent it so i could get this condo)
maybe just a little bit more like 500k or 600k, i don’t know.
Units seem easy to get, so 450k seem to easy for someone to do, i dont know really, its just my opinion.


i think it should be less, i mean, not alot of people have a million units, and if they want to get it, it would take alot of time. i think the price should be 400.000


While I agree the price should not be a million units, it would only take 11-12 hours to get that.
Not that long in the grand scheme of a game like this


i will only be happy if its 10,000,000 units


Please just be quiet! We get it, you have a lot of units