Lobby One Community Condo


It looks about the same besides a couple of extra rooms.


wait how does he have the ability to see lobby one


He had the map from when GMT was still a thing.


he is steve from minecraft


huh, i have never seen that grassy field, the big room at the back (plus the room with the orange floor) and the blue room on the left


I never even thought the hq was real.


I always thought it was just a joke in lobby one with the picture in the secret room


this is gmt_build001


It was removed in later builds. It was only in the early ones

  • "Sounds" has been checked off on the "Final Work" checklist.

  • "Final lighting polishing" has been checked off on the "Map Art" checklist.


@Caboose700 is this condo actually coming out today, or was the Trello ETA just a placeholder until the actual date?


It’s a estimate to when the actual condo is done


Okay because I thought the condo was releasing today based off the Trello date.


Trello dates are not release dates. When something is moved to “preparing to release” on Trello is when it’s getting close to a release.


so lobby 1 is coming out with community condos then

  • "Final art polishing" has been checked off on the "Map Art" checklist.


The map has been finished. Only one day past my deadline. Now it’s bug hunting time.


Glad to hear! Looking forward to it! :smiley:


pulls out shotgun, puts on sunglasses, kicks down door