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How are people getting this many units so fast?
Like even a 500k in 11-12 hours seems unreasonable for me. What are people doing to earn units so fast?
I get casino has the potential to earn a lot, but I personally have never been lucky and only ever got maybe 12-15k units in an hour of playing. There has got to be something else.


Grind solo Zombie Massacre on Compound or get a perfect game in bowling.


A solid round of Kingdom is like 15-20k units alone. Even if you go slow that’s like an easy 100k units per hour, and with super efficient playing (knowing all the HiO’s and skips), I’ve seen upwards of 150-200k hourly payouts.


I see. I guess for me it’s more of a motivation/not wanting to spend so much time just hardcore grinding for units.
I’m kinda curious now. I think I’m gonna try and test how much I can get from Ball Race in an hour. See how profitable that is. Has anyone set up any legitimate “database” or comparison against payouts for different games?


I don’t think anyone’s made a database, though people have compared certain moneymakers. The consensus is that bowling is the best, followed by Compound solo. Ball Race I believe is decent for units, but only if you have a group and can consistently get in top 3.

Anyways, we should probably not continue this conversation here since this is the Lobby One thread, but I’d be down to discuss further elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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PM me if you want to go about adding BallRace to the list, man.


Relatable it took me about six weeks of playing on and off for a couple of hours to get 500k


It’s finished! Yay! Hyped for the update


EDIT: Anyone knows if it allows others to open a condo inside? (Suite)


i dont think so
probably not


glad to see the condo finally be released after all this time, im ready to buy it and host a party as soon as I can.


This, mixed with the NPC will be epic! Hype everywhere


It’s time, gamers. Let’s get this bread.



Never trust an edited comment


i trust it