Lobby One Community Condo





This card has no description.

Map Backbone

  • Plaza area map design
  • Outdoor area map design
  • Ports area map design
  • Condo hub area map design
  • Moon area map design
  • Secret floor map design

Map Art

  • Plaza art
  • Outdoor pool area art
  • Outdoor forest area art
  • Outdoor cabin art
  • Moon art
  • Condo hub art
  • Ports hall art
  • Exterior building art
  • Secret floor art
  • Exterior skybox art
  • Final art polishing
  • Final lighting polishing

Final Work

  • Teleporter logic
  • Sounds
  • Testing
  • Final light build



[ul][li]Card’s description was updated.[/li][/ul]


What is this?! :open_mouth:



All we can do is wait until they say more things about this in the near future…


Hooo boy, dis gonn be good.
I’ve always liked secrets, and this is no different


o boi


That description is quite confusing… and i absolutely love it.



What if its the underground plaza? :thinking:


It could be a lobby 1 remake. I remember seeing something about a dev mentioning lobby 1 thing on discord.


Conspiracy confirmed
Not really though
Is it the cousin of the tower bar


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a Daily Planet reporter?



Its totally Jeb, cmon guys


Get hype bois


It’s Jeb in a nightclub dancing to the Tenacious D song 39






@AmGonaKOYou101 Thats what I think it is


The thing about the description is that it was being updated as people speculated what Project 39 was in the Pixeltail Games discord


If I had to guess what this is, I’d think it wouldn’t be any big, important, main feature of the game, as those would get a properly named Trello card. Project 39 could be a secret feature to the Plaza, such as a secret passageway, a Unit button, or anything that doesn’t need major publicity.

It would also be a feature that takes a while to implement, as it has been discussed for quite a while, actually.