Lobby 3 (Phase 1)


its probably going to be big


It has its own card. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna be its own update. The backer statues had their own card but they didn’t do an update just for them

Edit: oh, shit, I take that back. Didn’t notice the tag.

Edit2: also, if u couldn’t tell, rrmm and I were just joking


Is this project 23 on the map?


That image was there before Project 23 was even a thing.


but that building is not there if you look that not the back area that a knew building


I believe that used to be there in earlier versions of TU, not sure though. I remember that wasn’t a building, it was just a path/structure behind the tower.


yea i don’t remember anything being there before who know only time will tell


That was in one of the earlier builds of the plaza, pretty sure that got removed long while ago.


it was a big blockout of missing textures, it looked kinda strange indeed.


That was an unfinished area in earlier builds. It was actually there all the way back in the private alpha



There’s just so many arg vibes coming off this, this is great


ARG? I agree with you. I love when there’s little teasers and mysterious things happening in games.






Hiding the chat was useless though.


he’s hiding the chat for the sake of hiding the chat,
don’t understand how that is useless


Considering the state global chat can ocasinally be in, it was probably a wise decision to do so.




Not sure if this is related to Project 23 but its pretty sus.