Lobby 3 (Phase 1)





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[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek



:thinking: Hmmmm


Wait a minute




“Do Not Release”

Narrator: And then it was.


Dunno why they wrote “do not release” only to write that they WILL anyway



To be honest i was expecting “We Will Rock You” on those clipboards


wait where’d you find this


This had better not be an ARG.


i’d rather it be an arg than not since i don’t see the point in the whole “Project **” joke, so if it’s an ARG at least that makes a bit more sense?


woah where did you find these


part 1:

part 2:
part 3:


@Lifeless is really teasing us now :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those clipboards in the summer plaza? That looks like the normal plaza to me. They’re going to remake a building I’m pretty sure.


The placement of the clipboards seems to be going in a pattern, maybe part four is where the end of the pattern is.


maybe Project 23 is sprucing up the plaza all the way, seeing that the clipboards seem to be in empty or WIP areas (plus the ominous text saying WE WILL REBUILD)


Might have something to do with GMT. Perhaps an old Lobby 1 area coming back?


Hmmmmm. Seems Like nothing to me :new_moon_with_face: