Lobby 3 (Phase 1)


Hmmmm :thinking:


i believe that is related to it :thinking:


I do indeed agree that this may be related to this :thinking:


I think it is related to it :thinking:


The more I see these hints the more I feel like my theory is true.

I have a good feeling we’re going to see an entire remake/remodel of plaza eventually. (I can still be entirely wrong but it’s fun to dream.)




So, the 23 thing really was 2 to 3.

  • Card was renamed from "Project 23" to "Lobby 3".


yeah i thought this was it


thats why the arcade aint being worked on as hard because whats the point of adding it if you just gotta move all of it anyway.

‘early 2019’





None of the updates were delayed by this. Arcade’s interior will still remain the same for Lobby 3. Arcade is still being worked on at the same rate.


So does this mean the cube thing is gonna be removed or will it also follow into the new plaza?


I understand I’m just thinking that it would honestly make more sense to finish the lobby and then finish the arcade.

  • Card's description was updated.


Any estimates on when it will come out?


It says Early 2019 in the teaser.


So what is this ? A new Plaza ?


Early 2019 could even be March


Uh, yeah.