Lobby 3 (Phase 1)


alright i think i got it

start from the bottom left picture and follow the lines


Let’s ban him for 10 seconds, that’ll teach 'm! HA!!


Here is something. they are building an activity behind the tower that has a monorail stop with it and it has a mode that’s basically bumper cars


please no :frowning: i beg you
please kind sir dont hurt me
i am but a gamer, whom tryin to game in this gamer world


I feel as if we are getting some kind of remastered edition of lobby two’s design.


but my guess is that the three signs correspond to one of the clipboards


the islands shape I would think is changing, and maybe the position of some key locations aswell


Inb4 project 23 is revealed to be the return of the toilet merchant


Rebuild: (Verb.) build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.


Guys update : there is a demolition sign in front of games



EDIT: Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but poseidon is also being relocated

project 23, lobby 2 to lobby 3, 23, 2 and 3, :eyes:


lobby 2.3?


There hasn’t been any official “lobby 2.1/2.2” that I know of, so highly doubtful
Feels like the name does have some type of significance, though


Pretty sure it was a joke


Yeah, realized that a few minutes after I posted lol
woooosh’d myself


Googled project 23 found:“The Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleships ( Project 23 , Russian: Советский Союз, “Soviet Union”), also known as “Stalin’s Republics”, were a class of battleships begun by the Soviet Union in the late 1930s but never brought into service.”


That confirms it then. Project 23 is the Tower Unite Naval Academy. :crazy_face:


No, I think in the Project 23 update the only item will be vodka, you can only put communist propaganda on media players/canvases, and the plaza will be replaced by a giant hammer and sickle.


Also plausible I suppose. It’s just the whole “class of battleships” “never brought into service” is what makes me think that Pixeltail stole the ships, digitized them, and is gonna use them to kickstart the Tower Unite Navy and you need to train people to be in a navy and so there would need to be a Naval Academy.

Actually, maybe we’re both onto something. Maybe the Tower is secretly located in Russia and now Tower Unite is finally gonna start officially acknowledging it’s Russian roots.

The world may never know.


I mean project 23 is marked as being its own update