Lobby 3 (Phase 1)


Oh, alright. Thanks.

lmao well this would be the first forum I’ve been on that doesn’t dish out instant bans for continuous :poop:posting


If I had to make a guess, lifeless could possibly be rebuilding all of plaza. He’s mentioned he wanted too but it was too big of a project.

Areas left empty that were meant for new content is probably too difficult to work with now and that’ll most likely warrant a remake anyway.


As in Lobby 3 or just reworking the one we have now?



no but seriously a plaza revamp would be super exciting


so that answers the rebuild part
(Bumper cars looks to be moving location)


I’m thinking they’re just going to remove bumper cars entirely.


with all of this, its safe to assume that things will be atleast changed around, and maybe an entire new plaza


Probably not a new plaza, that would be a bit strange to do after using this one for years.


the plaza map just gets old after a while
also theres almost no point to go to it anymore.


Almost no point to visiting the plaza won’t be fixed by making a new one from the ground up.


I just have this feeling that we missed a sign


I don’t think so. I’ve looked all around and there’s only three unique signs, four in total.


He’s confirmed the clipboards are the only clue


They used Lobby 1 for years in Gmod tower before switching to this one, so it really would be that weird


I guess so. It just seems like way too much work for just Lifeless to do.


What if the monorail gets moved and bumper cars are removed and literally nothing else lmao.


Well, there’s also the landscaping behind the tower.


the only clue this was before these signs were there. clearly theres more to the project now.


I think it would be a bad move to put anything of important back there. The area behind the tower is so hidden and out of the way most players probably don’t even know it exists.

It also doesn’t help that the central part of the plaza doesn’t really have any routes that take you to other ends of the island, making it essentially a barren wasteland.

I feel like the beach expansion around the island was way too premature.


It’s better to have something there than to have it unfinished, boring, and with placeholder textures there. If it does end up being something like a waterpark it’s not really going to be that important.