Lobby 1


Loading are different wether it’s a guest or the owner loading the condo.

For the owner, every set of items instantly appear successively.

For the guests, each and every single items pop-up individually.

So it’s usually (way) longer for guests to load in my condo. Now it may depends on your bandwith or other settings, idk.

As for me, when I load my condo, the game freezes about a minute doing nothing, until the items number loading appears in the top left corner. Then, it takes 20 sec to load everything (textures included)


yo, add me to that queue


Here’re some updates on the suites :

I started building the suites lobby :

And as you could see with the video above, I also started to build another suite (WIP) :

Thanks to the canvas cube primitive, it looks closer to the original than the first one :

In the future, two more suites will be made, resulting with 4 individual suites.

I’m looking forward the community condo system to give those 3 extra suites to three of the future admins of my condo.


I hope I can be an admin!! How do I enter the drawing?


Be really good at building with canvases. (forget the construction panels)


I wouldn’t mind being an admin, but I have school so I wouldn’t be able to be on all the time.


You better also have that secret button room


that’s in lobby 2.


There was also one in Lobby 1 I believe.


There wasn’t.



How in god’s name did you get those lights?


They’re the outdoor lights.


I hear an elevator music nearby…


No blender on the counter. 0/10.


As some of you probably guessed by the post I made yesterday, I rebuilt the apartment from Elevator Source (a gamemode on Gmod made by PixelTail).

Let’s compare both versions :

TU :

Gmod :

TU :

Gmod :

TU :

Gmod :

TU :

Gmod :


No errors in the sky or pool table. 0/10.


I’m waiting for some interactive games to put in the Oleg room (arcade, ectect)


@AshGe, If you could have one in-game tool or feature that would really help you build your creations, what would that be?


The feature caboose is making with the walls?