Lobby 1


I’d like to be on the Ball Race board if you’d put me on there.



May I please be on the ballrace board? It was my favorite game in GMT, and still is.


Would it be possible if I had a spot on the source karts queue list? Just while everyone else is doing it :v



me please


I would LOVE to be on PVP Battle and/or Zombie Massacre. I loved those two.


Can I be on the UCH board too? My name is AmGona.


Just slap me on any board if you want. Really, your build is looking fantastic! Keep up the awesome work!


I’ll take a board slot if they’re not all gone c:


I’m interested to be on ZM too, i used to have a fuckton of score on the boss stage as Mercenary.


Reckon you could gimme a spot on either the Source Karts or Minigolf boards? Thanks!


UCH please.


I’ll take Source Karts if you change your mind on leaving it empty and UCH if Source Karts isn’t available :o


damn Ash, you should start charging people for this :smirk:


Can i be on the UCH one please?
Also can you put my name as “Dapper Roket Lawnchair”


I took all of your requests in consideration!

The gameports area has been progressing pretty well :

The minigolf port needs some polishing, with rocks, flowers, etc… :

Monotone (unrealeased GMT minigame) :

Unnamed port :
(this one didn’t save up when I quit my condo, so it’s lost, but I still post it)

Source Karts port (one of the pipe is hollow so you can enter it) :

What’s that? The pipe tunnel seems to lead somewhere!

Let’s check it out!


Can I be in the Mini Golf queue? Name me as AmGona if yes.


Oh boy, I’m looking forward to the battle arena!


I’d love to be listed on the UCH board, was my favorite gamemode.


Just curious how long does it take for you to load the condo everytime?


Probably not too long, when ever I load in, it takes about twenty seconds for the canvas’ to load in, but a while for the images to fully render. (about a minute)