Lobby 1


Caboose hasn’t been making those features - I have. He just posts the discord videos all the devs post.


Oh I meant you made them, whoops… Accidentally said Caboose…


On the note of the wall editing being fixed up… Are the uneditable walls and sections in the condo maps ever going to be fixed?


What would help me building would be a tool.
It would copy-paste any item you right-click on.

(left-clicking would just drag the item as usual, without copying it)

For canvases (any canvas item), it would also copy-paste their settings.

It could work with every item too.

Of course, it wouldn’t work if you don’t have multiple instances of the item you’re trying to copy.


something also to have that would be neat is editable xyz and rotation axis’s for props
and customisation of each side of a canvas cube/object


N64 coffee table :

GameCube coffee table :

(waffle for scale)


that’s better than porn


Woah, this is all amazing.
Am i too late to ask to be on the Ballrace board in the gameworld ports?


Got 20 Always Lucky slots machines, so I thought I’d place them to the most appropriate places in this condo.

and in the appartment :


That looks good.


The creativity and brain power that it must have taken to combine those items to make slot machines…


what do you mean? he didn’t make the slots, they’re items


Yeah, this is the Always Lucky Slot Machine from the Catsack.


i think hes joking


Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize. I kinda quit TU after I lost interest after the whole save deletion thing.


Can you explain the save deletion thing?


I was working on my 2nd preset and I accidentally saved it as my 1st preset which i poured my heart and time into.


Catsacks now have items when you open them?

Oh man I REALLY need to get my PC back


err anything new happening with this?


If there was, he would have posted updates on this thread.