Lobby 1


I’ll just leave these here…

Under construction…

Christmas Cone Tree
Player made items?

Oh… my God
That looks absolutely amazing so far! Love it!


Nice! last time I checked didn’t have too much of a roof, so I’m suprized that it changed to this is soon.


This is really awesome! How much are you building?


I’m planning on building everything, … but it’ll take some long ass time!

With my currents items that I possess, plus all of my Units, I’d say I’d be able to build the tower with its train station (but without the cinema), plus the whole entertainment plaza (with the shops, but without the arcade and the bar)

It’s scaled to around 0.7/1, so it’s a bit tinier and would be to scale with a medium or small potion.


oops i did a leak


Looks incredible! Amazing job!





woah neato


when i saw the first screenshot i thought it was actually lobby 1, woh


Oh, so that’s what you are working on now! And I was wondering why you completely cleaned up your condo.


My cinema is backed up twice!

No worries :slight_smile:


This is looking real nice, your projects are a real inspiration for me. I hope to have something big ready in a month or 2


Wish there was a “donate” function in the game


Donate Units? :grinning:


Yeah, I would send you all my money just to see this progress


I’d surely use it well :flushed:


No this sucks… runs away crying with envy:sob:

Seriously impressive though, nice job


Oh my god. This is seriously Incredible
I wish you luck! :ok_woman: